Bridge Rehabilitation

Correct diagnosis of distress, proper and timely rehabilitation measures go a long way in increasing the life span of Bridges. Many-a-times, the causes of distress are visible and known, like distress during earthquake or impact or the exerted loadings exceeding the designed loads, Failed Expansion Joints and Bearings etc.

However, when the causes of distress are not visible or known and where many variables are involved e.g. poor quality of construction (faulty detailing, improper materials and workmanship), shrinkage, creep, reinforcement corrosion etc., to ascertain the actual cause of distress, Non Destructive Tests are carried out to ascertain the cause and level of distress.

Hercules offers specialized repair services for:

  • Replacement of distressed Bearings
  • Replacement of failed/ defunct Expansion Joints
  • Strengthening using Epoxy/ non shrink grouts
  • Repair of cracks and concrete spallings
  • External Pre-stressing
  • Jacketing
  • Shotcreting and Guniting
  • Repair of Wearing course
  • Laying of Mastic Wearing Course
  • Provision of proper drainage systems
  • Provision of proper road furniture
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