Drainage Spout

A bridge drainage spout, also known as a bridge scupper or bridge drain, is a component designed to manage the runoff of water from the surface of a bridge structure. These drainage systems are essential for preventing the accumulation of water on the bridge deck, which can lead to safety hazards, structural deterioration, and corrosion of bridge components.

Bridge drainage spouts are often integrated into the overall design of the bridge structure, with careful consideration given to factors such as the volume of water expected, the gradient of the bridge deck, and the hydraulic capacity of the drainage system. They may consist of various components, including scupper boxes, downspouts, pipes, and outfall structures, depending on the specific requirements of the bridge and the surrounding environment.

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A drainage spout is a vertical pipe for carrying rainwater down from a platform. It is made from mild steel and galvanized to prevent corrosion or rusting due to water flowing through the pipe. Drainage spouts are manufactured and supplied according to MORTH specifications. Our range of spouts include simple spout with centered pipe, pipe 20 mm offset from Centre and skewed spout having pipe at an angle of 45 degrees from vertical.